Shakti Mat Original - Official All Blacks

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Supporting Hardworking Bodies

Training and recovery are key to The All Blacks' success. It's the same for anyone - to be at your peak physically and mentally, recovery and self-care are crucial.

The Official All Blacks Shakti Mat is designed to give your hardworking body a rest, and to inspire you to take pride in the way you look after it.

The Shakti Mat supports:

With 6,000 spikes The Limited Edition All Blacks Shakti Mat is the sleekest new member in our Shakti Originals range.

Lie, stand, or place the Mat under any part of your body and let the acu-points apply pressure to your skin and muscles.

It can be used pre-exercise for muscle stimulation (1-2 minutes), or post-exercise for recovery, repair and muscle relaxation (20+ minutes).


100% Organic Cotton
Natural Plant Based Dyes
First Class ABS Plastic
74cm x 42cm | 740g