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Using your Shakti Acupressure Products

Lying down on Shakti spikes activates hundreds of acupoints to promote circulation, release tension, and naturally restore the energy that flows within you. It’s a sensation to start, but after 5-10 minutesthe tingle turns into a soft warmth that brings a meditative state with it. We call it Shakti bliss. Skin-to-spike contact lets the spikes work their best, and focusing on your breath will help you sink to relaxation sooner. Yogacan be incorporated into your practice with poses like bridge, pigeon, cobra, and sphinx encouraging a deeper, targeted release.

The Shakti Mat

The most popular way to use The Shakti Mat is by lying down. Make sure your neck, shoulders, and back are in contact with the spikes. Other areas include the back of your legs, and your feet if you’re feeling brave.

  • Start with a space you can lie down and remain undisturbed in. The floor is great, otherwise the softness of your bed will ensure maximum contact.
  • Lie down slowly to evenly distribute your weight. Then take a deep breath, exhale, and let the spikes work their magic.
  • 20 minutes is the average time it takes to find Shakti Bliss, but you can start slow or go further if you’re up for it. 
  • Set a timer if the real world needs you back, or tune into an audio relaxation in the free Shakti Shala app.

The Shakti Pillow

Think of The Shakti Pillow as an extension of your Shakti Mat. The most popular way to use it is on your neck at the top of your Mat, but its curves can also target yours - naturally tucking into your lower back, feet, and legs.

  • Start by using The Pillow under the curve of your neck while in bed or on the sofa. Place it against a bed pillow to achieve the perfect angle while you relax or read.
  • Melting tension usually takes around 10 minutes but everyone is different. More tension and tightness = more time to release. It also makes the payoff that much more rewarding.

The Shakti Headband

Unlike The Mat and Pillow, The Headband works best with subtle pressure. It doesn’t need to be strapped tightly to activate the acupoints around your head.

  • Simply wrap The Headband lightly whenever your mind feels tension coming on. It’s long enough to cover all the key acupoints – especially around your temples.
  • Leave it on for 15-50 minutes at a time while you relax – however relaxation looks for you. You could be in bed, on the couch, or on a Shakti Mat.
  • It’s not all about relaxing though. You can keep it by your WFH workspace to help with focus and deep thinking, too.

Acupressure pro tips

These are just some of the most popular ways to Shakti, but there really are no limits. Simply pick a tense or tired area and go.

The first time on a new area can feel sensitive, but your body will adjust to the sensation over time.

If it feels too much in the beginning, a pillowcase or light clothing is all you need to minimise the pressure.

Some areas will only need a few minutes of application. Others, like your back, may need more time.

Often the areas that hurt the most, need it the most. It can be a reflection of tension stored in the area.

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How to use your Shakti Weighted Products

Pressure isn’t just for diamonds. It’s a tool you can use to naturally stimulate your nervous system to your advantage. A simple hug can increase the production of serotonin (happy hormones), increase melatonin levels (sleep aid), and reduce cortisol (stress/anxiety). It’s through these principles that the Pressure collection came to be. And by combining its power with Shakti spikes, gets you acupressure spikes pushing upwards, and soothing pressure pushing down. The result? Positive hormones aplenty, energy flowing like you wouldn’t believe, and a cocoon-like experience that you won’t want to get out of.

The Shakti Eye Pillow

Shakti Eye Pillows block out the world, and then some. They’re weighted to perfection with natural clay beads that soothe both temples and everything in between, so you can drift off into your meditative state.

  • The Eye Pillow is perfect for screen-strained eyes, and for deepening your Shakti, savasana, or meditation practice.
  • Keep it by your bedside or cool it in the freezer for an extra soothing sensation. 5 minutes is all you need to quickly wind down.
  • Pro tip: place your Eye Pillow in a container if you’re storing it in the freezer – just so it doesn’t come out smelling like your frozen kale.

The Shakti Weighted Blanket

We developed The Weighted Blanket to provide the ultimate pressure combo with your Shakti Mat. It disperses pressure to help you relax, restore, and increase blood flow.

  • The most popular way to use it is while you’re lying on a Shakti Mat, but we encourage you to use this luxurious handwoven blanket whenever you get the chance.
  • Wrap yourself in it on the couch, incorporate it into yin yoga, savasana, or meditation, and spread it over your bed for deep, deep sleep.
  • Perfect for pairing with The Eye Pillow for complete body relaxation and rest.

The Shakti Weighted Wrap

If The Weighted Wrap could write a book, it would probably be called “101 ways you can use me”. Think of all the ways you use a traditional wheat bag, but then add the fact that this one doesn’t smell, it’s bigger, and it fits perfectly inside any Shakti Mat (almost like it was designed that way) so you can bring heat into your practice. Just make sure to heat it safely.

  • Use it solo for heat therapy around achy shoulders tight back, and relax under its soothing pressure wherever else tension manifests itself.
  • Some of our favourite uses include draping it over tight shoulders at standing desks or simply roll it into a bolster and place it under your Shakti Mat to get into hard-to-reach curves.

More questions? Refer to our FAQs page

At the end, you’ll find a sneak peek of our app, Shakti Shala, which is home to more acupressure tips, Shakti yoga classes, as well as guided relaxations.

Whether yoga is part of your practice or not – these bite-sized tutorials and our free Shakti app are both great ways to understand how you can use the power of acupressure to your advantage, and build a habit with your Mat.